Air conditioning has many advantages. First of all, a well-functioning air-conditioning system ensures a good regulation of the temperature in the house. In addition, an air conditioner can blow both cold and warm. Even in winter you can easily use an air conditioner to heat up a little!

What types of air conditioning exist, what the average price of an installation is and what you should pay attention to, you will discover in this article. Do you have questions or would you like to know more about air conditioning? You can find and download our brochure at the bottom of this page.

First a small word about Aqua Consult. We are specialized in air conditioning installations without outdoor unit. By this we mean that the air conditioning has maximum flexibility without a drastic installation (with an unwieldy outdoor unit on the facade or roof). So our air conditioning systems do not have an ugly outdoor unit, but offer all the advantages of traditional air conditioning systems. Only the aesthetic aspect is very different from other systems.

Bovendien kosten onze airco-oplossingen veel minder geld dan airco-installaties met een traditionele buitenblok. Eén van onze topproducten is de Innova-Aircoheater 2.0 welke in elke binnenruimte geplaatst kan worden. Hieronder vind je alvast enkele afbeeldingen terug van de Innova-Aircoheater 2.0. Heb je interesse in meer afbeeldingen of informatie over de Innova-Aircoheater 2.0? Download dan zeker de brochure onderaan deze pagina.

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Installation of air conditioning on every exterior wall

Over onze Innova-Aircoheater 2.0

De Innova-Aircoheater 2.0 kan gemakkelijk geïnstalleerd worden op eender welke buitenmuur. Alles wat nodig is voor de installatie van deze airco-installatie is:

- The mounting template and mounting kit (A)

- The tubes for the holes (B)

- The external grids (C) 

We use a special drill head to drill a hole so that the air conditioning system can be connected to the outside air. In this way you have all the advantages of a fixed air conditioning system without all the disadvantages that exist with mobile air conditioners (these are very cumbersome, take up a lot of space and consume energy).


Do you want to buy an air conditioning system? Then these are the things you can look out for when you have a new air conditioning system installed.

Innova-Aircoheater 2.0 vanaf elke plek te bedienen via een moderne app

De Innova-Aircoheater 2.0 is zowel te bedienen via het touchscreen op het toestel, via de afstandsbediening of via een app op de smartphone. Met zijn diepte van slechts 16 cm is deze airconditioning verreweg de subtielste en lichtste in zijn categorie. De esthetische impact is bijgevolg miniem, zowel buiten als binnen.


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An air conditioner without an outdoor unit is also sometimes called a monoblock air conditioner. This type of air conditioner exists in a mobile as well as a fixed version.

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Are you considering the installation of an air conditioning system? Ask for more information about the price, maintenance, installation, energy consumption and functions for winter and summer.