When soil moisture enters your basement, problems such as a damp basement floor, damp basement walls, musty odors and mold can occur. Obviously, this is something you want to avoid. One possible solution to this is basement waterproofing. Where basement waterproofing was previously only possible with concrete, AquaConsult offers a unique alternative: waterproofing your basement with ceramic tiles. Read all about it here.

What is basement cupping?

In many basements, the basement walls and floor are not sufficiently resistant to the pressure of groundwater. This causes salts to form in the walls, which then affect the plaster present. In this way, soil moisture can enter your basement through the basement walls and/or floor, which can have negative consequences. To combat this, you can have your basement drained.

In a basement waterproofing or basement sealing, the basement floor and walls are covered with a thick layer of waterproof cement. This creates a new protective layer, as it were, which ensures that groundwater can no longer pass through. Specifically, such a basement waterproofing works as follows:

  1. We remove the current occupation as much as possible to make the substrate visible. This allows us to determine where water is seeping through the wall, and a quick-drying waterproof cement mortar is applied to those areas.
  2. As soon as we determine that no more water is coming through the walls, we apply an initial seal coat.
  3. When this first layer has dried sufficiently, we proceed with another layer of cement mortar.

After performing (or having performed) these steps, water will no longer enter your basement.

Note that each situation is unique. In some cases, basement waterproofing is not sufficient, and basement drainage or ventilation will be required. Let AquaConsult assist you and request a free expertise to ensure you make the best choice for your basement.

Pair the practical with the pleasant: have your basement poured with a tile finish

Traditionally, basement waterproofing is done exclusively with a waterproof layer of concrete. But, you can also go a step further and have your basement waterproofed with certified ceramic tiles. AquaConsult is unique in this, and there are several advantages to doing so:

Less place loss

A basement casing is always accompanied by some loss of space. Typically, such loss with a traditional casing is about 8 cm, but with a tile finish this loss is reduced to about 5 cm.

Complete and beautiful finish

This basement sealing method automatically creates a nicer-looking basement that is also fully finished right away.


Basement waterproofing with ceramic tiles also comes with a more interesting price tag than basement waterproofing with concrete. Basement waterproofing actually involves renovating the entire basement, which of course is not cheap. However, with this unique process, the sealed basement is also immediately finished with certified ceramic tiles of 60 cm × 60 cm, which saves you in finishing costs. In addition, fewer materials are also needed to keep your basement dry, which benefits your wallet.

basement ceramic tiles

pouring basement ceramic tiles

Do you have a damp basement and are looking for a suitable solution? Then AquaConsult is the right place for you. Contact us now, or request a free moisture expertise.