Technical Approval

The general technical approval (ATG certificate) provides a technical opinion, including a description and technical properties. An ATG is a favorable assessment and declaration of suitability for use of one particular construction product from one manufacturer for a well-defined application. It is intended for innovative products and building systems for which no or insufficient standards exist.

Based on documented product performance, an ATG determines whether the product is suitable for a particular application and provides instructions for installation or handling. This ensures that these products and building systems are suitable for use, can be used or installed without risk and are of good quality. All this according to the rules of the art of the Belgian market.

The different variants of technical approvals

Over time, different types of technical approvals have been developed to meet the specific requirements of industry stakeholders. Some types include:

  • ATG/H: for materials, products or kits.
  • ATG/S: for wood treatment plants.
  • ATG/M: for the use of road markings.
  • ATG/E: for energetic innovations.
  • ATG/D: for the curative treatment of wood.
  • BENOR/ATG: technical approval linked to a BENOR certificate.
atg certificate

The advantages of an ATG certificate for consumers

An ATG label allows the user to check the conformity of the products delivered to the construction site with the existing approval. Since ATG certificates are issued for products and systems for which no product standards exist (yet), this is the only way to see if the products are approved and therefore of good quality.

Innovations in the construction industry are important to be more efficient in the long run. ATG certification ensures that construction sites do not become laboratories to test out those innovative ideas and thus customers are protected.

Who gets the ATG certificate?

In principle, an ATG is issued on the basis of an approval guideline. Such guideline is prepared by experts from the Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction (BUtgb) and provides an assessment basis for construction products. When you apply for technical approval, they then use simulations to test whether or not a product's performance decreases over time, which is a quality indicator.

On top of this, there is usually a certification, which means that a certification body mandated by the BUtgb conducts external monitoring, at a set frequency, of the conformity of production with the published approval. This review or monitoring is described in a convention drawn up when the ATG is granted. This convention specifies how the manufacturer organizes its own control of production and which external tests will be carried out in the process.

ATG certification allows companies like AquaConsult to apply non-traditional products and techniques without danger.

The difference with the European technical assessment

The European Technical Assessment, or ETA, is a legal instrument created by the European Construction Products Regulation. It is another way for manufacturers to show that their products are good and safe to use , and again, the application must be voluntary and at the initiative of the applicant. If a product gets this approval, the manufacturer is allowed to put a CE mark on the product. When they have that mark, they are allowed to sell this product in all countries of the European Union. So basically, the European Technical Assessment is a kind of key that gives you access to the market in Europe.

AquaConsult is a member of these building federations and quality labels

AquaConsult holds every major construction certification. This allows us to guarantee everyone the lowest price for the highest quality and guarantees. We only work with top products, which means that moisture problems will disappear permanently and will not return after 10 years. We offer a guarantee on our works of at least 20 years.

  • BUtgb: Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction. The institute that issues technical approvals for building materials, products, systems and of installers.
  • Buildwise: Scientific and Technical Center for the Construction Industry.

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