Hay fever. It's a necessary evil that a lot of people have to go through once the sun comes out. Usually hay fever is worst outdoors, but it can also affect you inside your home or office. But did you know that there is a way to tackle hay fever in indoor spaces? Namely, with an air purifier. How does an air purifier keep your home free of hay fever and, by extension, allergies? AquaConsult explains it briefly for you.

What exactly is hay fever?

Before we can explain to you how AquaConsult tackles hay fever, it's important to know exactly what hay fever is. Hay fever is one of the most common allergies and is also called pollen or pollen allergy. Here are some preliminary facts about this annoying allergy:

  • It is estimated that as much as 25% of the Belgian population suffers from it.
  • Hay fever is caused by pollen or pollen grains from grasses, weeds or trees. Houseplants can also cause these symptoms.
  • It is actually an overreaction of the immune system and causes annoying symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, a runny or stuffy nose and sneezing.

And the number of pollen grains is always rising. For example, in the year 2022, a record number of pollen grains was measured in 40 years: 433 pollen grains per square meter. You already get symptoms at 50 grains of pollen per square meter. According to health institute Sciensano the hay fever season will change because of climate disruption: the hay fever season will start earlier, last longer and there will be more pollen in the air. Not pleasant, in other words.

What is the best thing to do about hay fever?

It is not always possible to block pollen or pollen grains. When you move outdoors, you can control the hay fever radar check or take targeted medication, but usually your options end there.

Indoors, however, there are more options. For example, an air purifier can effectively reduce hay fever and its symptoms. A particularly effective type of air purifier for this purpose is the ionizer. This device is specifically designed to purify indoor air through ionization technology, which rids the air of unwanted microparticles. These microparticles include viruses, allergens, particulate matter, as well as pollen and pollen particles. This air purification technology can be integrated into your air conditioning or balance ventilation system, instantly purifying the air as you ventilate and cool it.

Our sister company AeroConsult specializes in air purification and ionization. With their systems, we make sure that your airways can actually rest at home. So you recover better, sleep well and can breathe deeply in and out with relief.

How does ionization work in an air purifier for hay fever?

So ionization purifies the air of anything that can bother you. You can no longer breathe in the pollen or pollen particles so you no longer suffer from the symptoms. But how exactly does ionization work?

  • AeroConsult's systems produce billions of ions of ions per second. It creates a so-called plasma field filled with positively and negatively charged ions.
  • Those electrons cause the microparticles to clump together, making them filterable.
  • The number of pollen or pollen particles in the air is thus greatly reduced, and the air is cleaned.

That ionization really works is scientifically proven. Moreover, the GPS technology used in AeroConsult's systems is the only air purification system approved for use in aviation and ionization is the only system that does not create ozone while purifying the air. Perfect for use in both residential buildings and larger buildings such as offices or schools.

Ionization is installed in your air conditioner or balance ventilation using an ionization strip or an ionization system. It is very low maintenance and it consumes much less energy than other air purification systems.

Air purifier with ionizer for better sleep

Symptoms of hay fever can get worse at night. Even then, an air purifier with ionization is good for hay fever. This is because the air purifier improves the air quality. Because you lie in a room where the air is purified and free of allergens, you sleep better. Since you obviously do not want to be disturbed, it is important that the air purifier does not make more than 30 decibels of noise or that it has a special night mode.

Where can I get such an air-cleaning ionization system?

Want to install an air purifier with ionization system at your home or in a public space? If so, please contact AquaConsult and our experts will be happy to help you. It is also possible to contact us via AeroConsult's webshop purchase an ionization strip for air conditioners or an ionization system for balance ventilators.

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