Do you suffer from rising damp in your house in Ghent?

Aquaconsult regularly visits homes in Ghent that have to deal with rising damp. This can have many causes, but know that you are not alone: more than 1 in 4 people in Ghent have a house in which rising damp occurs.

Rising damp is a moisture problem that occurs regularly. As a result, many Flemish houses do not use their full potential. A common cause is an outdated structure of the house. There are cases where the water barrier no longer functions properly after many decades. As a result, the soil moisture has a chance to rise through the pores of the weak points in the walls.

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Moisture problems at different locations

Moisture problems can occur at various places in the house: the basement, bathroom, bedroom or living room. If the problem occurs on the ground floor, there is often rising damp or mould.

Depending on the region, some locations in the house are more sensitive than others. In Ghent, for example, many cellars suffer from moisture problems.

When the moisture problem occurs on higher floors, it is more likely that you will have to deal with broken moisture or problems with the roof.


What does the moisture expert do?

Problems with moisture in the home can usually be seen by damp spots on interior walls, on the roof or damp spots with high humidity. Do you see a damp spot appear on the inside wall? Then there is a good chance that rising damp can be found here. Call in a moisture expert from the Ghent region as soon as possible, because moisture problems never go away on their own.

The price of moisture control in 2020

What does moisture control cost? That is a question that many people naturally ask themselves, also in the Ghent region we regularly get this question. However, the answer depends on the type of solution you are looking for. Take damp cellars, for example: here you can opt for a drainage system or a cellar seal. Both have a different price. So start by downloading our free brochure with more information about all solutions and techniques.

Moisture control Ghent
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On the basis of the data below, a moisture expert will visit you with professional measuring devices to determine the totality of the moisture problems. This visit is always free of charge and without obligation. Therefore, do not hesitate to request this moisture diagnosis without obligation. Afterwards, a recognised Aquaconsult moisture expert will contact you to see when an appointment is possible.