My 'VerbouwPremie'

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'Vlaamse renovatiepremie' becomes 'Mijn VerbouwPremie'

Until recently, there were two different premiums you could apply for depending on the works AquaConsult performed, but that has now changed. Since July 1, 2022, different premiums have been merged into one umbrella premium: 'Mijn VerbouwPremie'. AquaConsult is happy to explain 'Mijn VerbouwPremie' to you.

For what works can I apply for 'My Rebuilding Grant'?

'Mijn VerbouwPremie' has divided eligible works into 8 categories: roof, exterior wall, floor, windows and doors, interior renovation, electrical and plumbing, renewable energy production and gas condensing boiler. AquaConsult's works are mainly in exterior wall and interior renovation. Among other things, we are talking about treating rising damp Whether addressing mold.

Who is eligible for 'Mijn VerbouwPremie'?

'Mijn VerbouwPremie' is very broad, so the target groups for this grant are very diverse. These are the three groups:


You can apply for My Home Improvement Premium for the home you use as your main residence and if you are the owner of it; in the broadest sense of the word. Owner includes full ownership, usufruct or long lease. How much the subsidy is depends on your family income according to the latest available tax return at the time of the subsidy application and the family composition at the time of the application. Do you actually live together and is your partner not an owner? Then your partner's income is not taken into account. In addition, they also take into account the number of dependents. To be entitled to My Rebuilding Premium as an owner-occupant, you must fall into one of three income categories.

Lowest income category

As an owner-occupant, do you fall into the lowest income category? Then you qualify for all categories of works and are entitled to the highest premium. These are the conditions for the lowest income category:

  • You are the sole owner and have an income less than or equal to 32,980 euros.
  • Your income is less than or equal to 46,170 euros and you are the sole owner with 1 dependent person or you are a couple with no dependent person.
  • For each dependent who joins, you have to add to the above amounts 3,700 euros.

Middle income category

Do you fall into the middle income category? Then just like the lowest income category, you are eligible for subsidies in all categories of works, but the subsidy will be smaller. The conditions are as follows:

  • You are the sole owner and have an income greater than 32,980 euros and less than or equal to 46,170 euros.
  • Your annual income exceeds 46,170 euros and is less than or equal to 65,960 euros and you are the sole owner with one dependent person or a couple without a dependent person.
  • As with the lowest income category, increase the amounts above by 3,700 euros for each additional person you have dependents.

Highest income category

As an owner-occupier belonging to the highest income category, you are not entitled to all works. You only qualify for works that are energy efficient such as insulation, high-efficiency glazing or a solar water heater. These are the conditions:

  • You are the sole owner and your annual income exceeds 46,170 euros.
  • You are the sole owner with one dependent person or a couple with no dependent person and your annual income is greater than 65,960 euros.
  • Again, you add 3700 euros per additional dependent person.
  • As a non-owner-occupant, you also fall under this category.

View for sure the site of the Flemish government for a list of all works that fall under this category.

Landlords through a social rental agency

Do you rent out a house or apartment through an SVK? Then you always qualify for the highest premium amounts for all categories of works. Your income does not play a role here.


Even if you are not an owner-occupier, you can still qualify for My Rebuilding Premium; that for energy-efficient investments such as insulation, high-efficiency glazing and a heat pump. As with landlords through an SVK, your annual income does not play a role here.

How much is the subsidy through 'Mijn VerbouwPremie'?

The amount of the subsidy you get through My Rebuilding Premium depends on what work you are having done, whether it is an apartment or a house, and what income category you fall into. We will give you one concrete example: treating rising damp in the outside wall in a home.

  • As an owner-occupier in the lowest income category or as a landlord to a social rental office, you are entitled to the highest premiums. Here it is a premium up to 50% of the investment with a maximum premium of 6,000 euros. The total invoice amount is a minimum of 1,000 euros and a maximum of 12,000 euros excluding VAT.
  • Do you fall into the middle income category? Then you are eligible for a premium up to 35% with a maximum subsidy of 4,200 euros. As with the lowest income category, the total bill amount is a minimum of 1,000 euros and a maximum of 12,000 euros.

Where can I apply for My Rebuilding Premium?

Currently, there is a temporary halt on applications for these grants. The government first wants to process all overdue grant applications. Starting Oct. 1, 2022, you can again apply online for a premium. This is for invoices that are up to 27 months old. From Jan. 1, 2023, they must again be only 24 months old.

Total renovation bonus

Those who invest in three or more energy-saving measures in a 5-year period may qualify for the Total renovation bonus (or BENO pass) from Fluvius. One such energy-saving measure that is part of the Total Renovation Bonus is having a mechanical balanced ventilation system installed. There is no bonus for the balanced ventilation itself, but there is when it is combined with other energy-saving measures. You get a Total Renovation Bonus on top of the existing premiums from Fluvius. Since you cannot apply for a separate premium for a ventilation system, be sure to register it with Fluvius to have it count toward your BENO pass. A Total Renovation Bonus amounts to 1250 euros for a house as of three investments and 625 euros for an apartment as of three investments. From four investments, 500 and 250 euros are added respectively and from five or more investments, 1000 and 500 euros are added respectively per investment in those five years. Please note that as of July 1, 2022, it is no longer possible to start a Total Renovation Bonus trajectory. At least one of the premiums must be requested from Fluvius before June 30, 2022. Otherwise, it is no longer possible to have balanced ventilation installed with a premium.

Get more info about My Rebuilding Premium on moisture control

Do you have more questions about My Rebuilding Premium? Or would you like our field engineers to stop by for a free moisture expertise? Contact Aquaconsult now and we will be happy to help you.