Injecting walls: ideal against rising damp in the house

Do you live in a house with one or more walls that show symptoms of moisture problems? Then you're not alone in Flanders: about 1 in 4 of the Flemish people ever have their walls injected or facade impregnated against rising damp or penetrating moisture.

These are two branches in which AquaConsult has been highly specialised for years with experience in combating rising damp, moisture spots, saltpetre, house fungus and moulds. For facades with moisture infiltration a hydrofuge treatment is proposed (see further).

Injecting walls is always done in cellars, garages and on the ground floor. Why? With wall injections we treat the symptoms of rising damp: moisture in the walls, mildew and wallpaper or paint that flakes off. The cellar is obviously the most sensitive to problems with rising groundwater. In many cases of rising damp on the ground floor, there is also a deterioration in the basement.

There is a very good and inexpensive solution to such moisture problems: wall injections. Be sure to read this article in which we tell you more about injecting walls.

Benefits of wall injection

  • It is a definitive and sustainable solution;
  • Closing guarantee on moisture problems;
  • Quick execution: dry again at short notice!
  • Possible intervention by the government (Flemish Renovation Premium)
  • Sensitive increase in capital gain on real estate
  • Significant reduction in energy costs
  • 30 year warranty on AquaConsult performances
  • Our guarantees are very long because we work exclusively with top products of Rewah N.V.


Many people wonder how much it costs to inject walls. However, the answer is not so easy to give without knowing all the parameters:

  1. What is the surface area of the damaged wall?
  2. Is the moisture problem located only in the walls or also in the floor?
  3. In the basement, the ground floor or on higher floors?
  4. Are you eligible for the Flemish Renovation Premium? (view the conditions here)
  5. Which finish do you choose afterwards?

Tip: Have your price calculated here and get a personalised price calculation from one of the AquaConsult moisture expert building engineers. Because the price depends on many factors, prices can only be calculated on a case-by-case basis and it makes little sense to communicate about general rates.

Would you like more information? Then be sure to download the brochure at the bottom of this page. In it we explain all the possibilities for moisture control in detail.

Working method: how are walls injected?

When we treat walls against rising damp with the help of wall injections, we proceed in a very specific way.

First, our plasterers repair all the cracks in the damp wall. Then small holes are drilled into the wall and these holes are expertly injected with a special moisture-repellent gel. This gel has very special and water-resistant properties. Immediately after injection, the gel spreads deep into the pores of the wall. The depth and strength of the water-repellent layer, which is then formed, strongly depends on the quality of the water-repellent gel. Therefore, be very selective in the choice of gel as it is very decisive for the durability of the procedure. After all, you don't want to come to the conclusion after ten years that you can start all over again.

After injection, the moisture-repellent product will spread through the capillary action of the mortar layer and the surrounding masonry. The substance cures well, forming a continuous, permanent horizontal barrier.

Do you suffer from permeating moisture, in which the moisture penetrates horizontally from the outside? If so, wall injections are not an immediate problem because the moisture problem here has nothing to do with groundwater. That's why we usually propose a different solution in the case of permeable moisture: a hydrofuge or wall impregnation. In this case, the wall is protected against the weather and becomes dirt- and water-repellent. Are you not sure which treatment best suits the moisture problem in your home? Then ask for a free expertise from one of our moisture expert building engineers. Our technical advisors have many years of experience in determining how best to combat moisture. An expert consultation by telephone or a site visit is always free of obligation and informative, without any purchase obligation.

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