A wet basement seems inevitable in most homes. The cellar is in many cases the most humid part of the house. With modern building technologies, however, cellars can be corked dry, which increases the liveable area of the house and significantly increases its value. Click here to discover the solution for a dry cellar.

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  • Incoming groundwater
  • Stains or white salt circles
  • Coloured line-up
  • Crumbling occupation
  • Mold
  • Musty smell
  • Houtrot


INFILTRATION: In the case of infiltration, it must be determined whether the infiltration is aboveground (permeable moisture or leaks, ...) or underground (groundwater, leaks sewerage, bag water, ...).

NO INFILTRATION: If there is no infiltration, but moisture problems do occur it is often a lack of ventilation. Cleaning and painting the basement with cellar paint and installing a ventilation system is then an excellent choice to solve the moisture problems. Contact our specialists for more information

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