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Aquaconsult is not just any moisture control company. We offer a unique renovation offer where prices remain very affordable but the high product quality guarantees decades of dry living pleasure.

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Moreover, our interventions ensure a tangible increase in the value of your home. A house with a damp cellar, for example, is not only less functional (the cellar is less usable than it could be), it is also structurally in decay.

The moisture problem not only affects the basement, but can also infect other parts of the house with rising damp through the walls, such as the living spaces on the ground floor.

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Aquaconsult prides itself on the use of high-quality products (such as wall injections). This is because there is a lot of difference in quality, which makes itself felt in the long run, especially from about 20 years. So if you still want an equally dry basement or dry bedroom in 20 years' time, choose a partner that works with sustainable products.

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Not convinced? Then read the positive reviews that people leave behind after Aquaconsult's intervention.

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Even though we work with the best products, our prices are also very competitive. We make it even sharper and pay you back the difference if you find a better price elsewhere.


Charlotte Van Heurck

Top service!

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Our basement is completely dry again and we can use it again.
thank you!

Jee Nivelle

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Living healthy and dry again might be easier than you think

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Aquaconsult has 20 years of experience in the field of rising or breaking moisture.

Buying your own home is always a dream come true. That dream can sometimes quickly become a nightmare if it turns out that there are moisture problems in the house, such as rising damp or breakthrough damp.The value of your home drops and energy costs rise, but more importantly, moisture is bad for your health. At AquaConsult you can come to AquaConsult for advice with experience.With AquaConsult you have 20 years of in-house expertise in solving problems with: rising damp, rising damp, breakthrough damp, condensation, fungi, moisture spots, saltpetre, house mite, damp cellars, ventilation and facades. Request a free moisture diagnosis here.

20 years experience

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We guarantee you the best price-quality ratio. If you still get a lower price for the same qualification as ours, we will refund you the difference! Of course, provided you submit a detailed official price offer from a competing company of the same level.Found a lower price elsewhere? Difference refunded!