Cookie Policy AQUACONSULT, a division of VOVENTI

Aquaconsult is a division and registered trademark of VOVENTI cv, a company incorporated under Belgian law with registered office at 2970 Schilde, Vogelsanck 2A (KBO 715653231).

A "Cookie" is a text file on which information is stored. Those text files are either deleted when the browser is closed (session cookies) or deleted manually (permanent cookies). For example, the language preference of the website visitor. When he visits the website again later, this cookie is sent to the website again. This allows the website to recognize the visitor's browser and remember the language preference.

VOVENTI uses the following cookies :

Essential cookies

these cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons in order to visit the website. Because of the technical necessity, only an information requirement applies and these essential cookies are set as soon as you visit the website.

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. You cannot refuse these cookies if you wish to visit the website. These cookies are placed only after you have given your permission to do so.

Analytical cookies

We use an analysis tool installed on our own server. We use this to measure visitor numbers. It is a "first party cookie," which means that we have full control over the data being collected and no data is sent to a third party. These cookies are only installed on your device after you have given permission to do so.

Marketing cookies

we track visitors' browsing behavior to compile a user profile on this basis, enabling us to personalize the visitor's browsing experience and suggest new or changing products and services.

Visitors can see which cookies have been placed on their device via a setting on their browser. The same setting can also be used to delete cookies. To learn more about this, please refer to the website

We refer to external links on our websites to document certain information in even greater depth. These links are marked with an icon indicating that the visitor is leaving our website. The activation of this link is the responsibility of the visitor.

Visitors have the legal rights granted to them by the GDPR, including the right to withdraw their consent. VOVENTI gives you a freedom of choice, without any compulsion, pressure or influence to accept or not accept certain non-essential cookies.

The visitor's consent to the use of cookies is only given for well-defined (specific) data processing. For this, VOVENTI refers to the privacy statement as can be found on this website. Subject to proof of identity (copy of identity card - strike out national number), the person concerned may, by means of a written, dated and signed request addressed to VOVENTI CV (AquaConsult), Vogelsanck 2 A at 2970 SCHILDE or, initiate the withdrawal of his/her consent free of charge.