Moisture control: treatment of rising damp, damp cellars, fungi

Detect your moisture problem. Aquaconsult is specialized in repairing damp walls and damp cellars. Here we treat problems such as rising damp, condensation problems and moulds. Which photo corresponds to your moisture problem? Click on your problem to see the solution.

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goodbye, annoying moisture


There are many causes for rising damp and it is a moisture problem that occurs in many Flemish homes. Every day we have to deal with walls that are severely damaged by rising damp, which corrodes plaster, causes paint and wallpaper to peel off and is a breeding ground for mould growth.


Moist basement walls

Anyone with a basement will sooner or later be confronted with the groundwater that affects the cellar walls. The cellar is located underground, which increases the risk of moisture problems here. For many people, the cellar is virtually unusable due to moisture problems such as rising damp in the cellar walls or groundwater moisture rising through the cellar floor.



Aquaconsult specialises in all types of moisture treatments to make homes and living spaces cork dry again. The value of a house without moisture problems is considerably higher because it is healthier to live there. Moreover, all parts of the house remain 100% functional so that a cellar, for example, can be transformed into a pleasant storage space or hobby room.



Moisture in the house is neither pleasant nor healthy. Moreover, it has a major financial impact on the value of the home. Certainly if your city or municipality gives a renovation subsidy, treating damp problems is not that expensive at all in relation to the many benefits a damp treatment has such as:
  1. Increased living quality is monitored
  2. New useful spaces emerge
  3. Value of the house doesn't drop
  4. No further decay of the walls
  5. No secondary damage due to moisture problems


+20 years of experience as a moisture company

Aquaconsult has 20 years of experience in the field of rising or breaking moisture.

De aankoop van een eigen woning is altijd een droom die gerealiseerd wordt. Die droom kan soms snel een nachtmerrie worden als blijkt dat er vochtproblemen in de woning voorkomen zoals optrekkend vocht of doorslaand vocht.De waarde van uw woning daalt en de energiekosten stijgen maar belangrijker nog is dat vocht slecht is voor uw gezondheid. Bij AquaConsult kan u terecht voor een advies met ervaring.Met AquaConsult haalt u 20 jaar expertise in huis in voor vochtproblemen en oplossingen rond: opstijgend vocht, optrekkend vocht, doorslaand vocht, condensatie, schimmels, vochtplekken, salpeter, huiszwam, huismijt, vochtige kelders, ventilatie en gevels. Vraag hier een gratis vochtdiagnose aan.

20 years experience

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20 years experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in moisture control throughout Flanders.