How did Aquaconsult come to be?

Thanks to years of experience in project development and real estate with Porta Fortuna, we noticed that the same problem often recurred: moisture problems. Clients of Porta Fortuna had to look for a moisture control company every time. We decided to help exactly those people.

With Aquaconsult, we immediately provide the help they need. Thus, we have slowly grown into a moisture control company operating all over Flanders.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: a healthy home for everyone thanks to moisture control and ventilation.

Moisture problems are very pernicious to your health. For example, it can cause respiratory problems, can trigger allergies and, in the worst cases, cause pneumonia. Thanks to proper moisture control, you can prevent this from happening.

The moisture problems that are most bad for your health are mold and damp walls. Fortunately, with Aquaconsult, we have the expertise needed to solve those problems.

Customized financing

Do you suffer from a moisture problem, but the investment in a solution is too great? No problem. At AquaConsult, the "Home Improvement" loan allows you to pay off that investment over several months.

Ionization in the fight against coronavirus

The ionization technology is yet another example of how we want to accomplish our mission: thanks to this technology, we can fight the coronavirus. After an exposure of 60 minutes to the ionization technology, the number of particles of the corona virus decreased by no less than 90%! The products we use are approved by the Belgian government in the fight against the coronavirus.

For this ionization technology, we cooperate with the company Aeroconsult.

Channel Z aired a video in the program "All Business in a Row" where they briefly and clearly explain exactly what ionization is and how we can help you.

Our values


Our field engineers will come to your home for a free moisture diagnosis. They will bring professional measuring equipment so they can tell you exactly what the problem is and how we can fix it.


At Aquaconsult, we only work with the very best professionals and the very best products. We guarantee you the best quality at the lowest price. We have more than 20 years of experience.


Have we performed moisture control work at your home? Then we make sure that it has been solved; and that the solution is sustainable. We therefore work with a guarantee: no results? Then you get your money back.

Where can you find Aquaconsult?

You can find Aquaconsult all over Flanders. We are active in all Flemish provinces where there are field engineers working everywhere. So there is always someone near you and we can help you as soon as possible.

Aquaconsult reviews

We are happy to share some reviews from our customers*. That way you know what to expect.

Would you like to call on Aquaconsult yourself? Then request your free moisture diagnosis now and our field engineers will be happy to visit you.

*The reviews have been slightly modified for language reasons.

Bert Prossé via Aquaconsult 's Gravenwezel

After an initial very pleasant contact with Mr. Wim Mertens, we decided very quickly to engage with Aquaconsult. We were able to make an appointment at short notice. Thanks to a smooth communication with the technician on duty (about the time and working method, among other things), the job was done very quickly. Many thanks for the clean and professional work.

Last but not least, when you call customer service, you get really friendly people on the line who take care of everything. Kudos to them as well. We are very satisfied.

Bert Prossé via Aquaconsult 's Gravenwezel

Johan Pintelon via Aquaconsult Kortrijk

All works were carried out very smoothly punctually and professionally with an eye for leaving the workshops as clean as possible.
Johan Pintelon via Aquaconsult Kortrijk

Edith De Bruyn via Aquaconsult Ghent

I am very satisfied with the installation of the air conditioning Innova. Aquaconsult provides great service and is very customer friendly. They come by your home, are not pushy and give you quiet time to think about your decision. I felt immediately familiar with Mr. Peeters. The people who came to install the air conditioning are very polite and clean up everything well. So I would definitely recommend Aquaconsult.

Edith De Bruyn via Aquaconsult Ghent

Free moisture diagnosis?

Complete the form below and a moisture expert will visit with professional measuring devices to determine the totality of the moisture problems. This visit is always free and without obligation. So don't let it stop you from requesting this no-obligation moisture diagnosis. Afterwards, a recognized Aquaconsult moisture expert will contact you to see when an appointment is possible.