Benefits of plastering

  • The underlying moisture problem is solved
  • A definitive and lasting solution
  • Fast and quality execution
  • Increase in property value
  • Conclusive guarantee from AquaConsult
  • Possible Government Intervention.

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How can I tell from my plaster that I have a moisture problem?

There are several ways you can recognize a moisture problem. In fact, there are a number of situations:

  • Is it a wall with only plaster? If so, color differences in the plaster may indicate a moisture problem. White salt circles or damp spots on the wall also indicate moisture.
  • Is the damp wall painted or wallpapered? Then the paint peels off or the wallpaper comes loose. In other cases, the plaster itself comes loose or cracks appear.

Although the symptoms vary, you will quickly notice that there is a problem with that wall.

What should I do if my plaster is coming loose?

First and foremost, what you should not do is simply repaint, re-hang or re-plaster the wall without addressing the problem at its root. By re-plastering the wall, the problem may be out of sight, but not out of mind. In other words, it does not solve the problem.


It is important to have a expert address to know exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done to solve that problem.

What are the causes of loose plaster?

When the plaster on your wall begins to come loose, it often indicates a moisture problem. Several moisture problems can be responsible for this, and the most common are:

These problems are all solved in completely different ways. For example, in the case of penetrating damp, the facade is treated to make it water repellent. This is done through facade impregnation or hydrofuge. With rising damp, on the other hand, the walls are injected with a damp-proof gel to block the moisture's path. Condensation, on the other hand, requires a mechanical or non-mechanical ventilation system. ventilation system.


These problems must be solved before we start plastering. Otherwise, the problem will quickly resurface, forcing you to start plastering all over again, with all the attendant cons.

Fix loose plaster permanently with AquaConsult

Typically, AquaConsult's moisture experts proceed as follows:

  • We remove the affected plaster to about 1 meter above the pass of the house. As a result, we are creating a blank canvas.
  • We find out the exact cause of he moisture problem, and we apply the most appropriate moisture solution . For example, if we determine that the loose plaster is due to rising damp, we will take all necessary steps to inject the wall.
  • Was the plaster also affected by salts? Then we first and foremost apply a salt-resistant film before we start plastering.
  • When we are done with this, we will refinish the wall with plaster.
  • The wall will look brand new again, and the moisture problem will be eliminated once and for all.

Our technical consultants have many years of experience diagnosing moisture problems and know best what exactly is needed to combat moisture.

What are the benefits of plastering as a moisture solution?

Plaster as a moisture solution has many advantages:

  • If the moisture problem underlying the cause was addressed, re-plastering the wall is a final and lasting solution.
  • The works themselves are done quickly.
  • Good plastering provides an increase in property value and we offer a conclusive guarantee.
  • There is also possible government intervention with the renovation grant.

With this plaster, AquaConsult provides a paint-ready finish so you can repaint your wall without worry.


Are you suffering from loose plaster? Contact AquaConsult now and a moisture expert will visit you as soon as possible to make the proper diagnosis. We will visit you everywhere in Flanders . Together we will find the perfect solution.

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