Benefits of a ventilation system D

  • Improve humidity and overall indoor air quality
  • Limits moisture problems such as condensation and mold
  • Filter the air of pollen, dust and viruses
  • Built-in heat exchanger against heat loss
  • You may be eligible for the Total renovation bonus

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The importance of ventilation

The average Fleming spends most of his or her time indoors. Yet we find that indoor air quality is often significantly worse than outdoors. Not only can this lead to health problems, low air quality and high humidity can further cause moisture problems such as condensation concerns. The solution? Adding a ventilation system to your home.

What types of ventilation systems exist?

There are four different types of ventilation systems: from Type A to Type D. Type A is all-natural ventilation, while Type D is a fully mechanical ventilation is. The most common types used in homes are type C (semi-mechanical), which is more commonly used for basements, and type D (fully mechanical). At Aquaconsult, we focus mainly on fully mechanical ventilation. As such, it has numerous advantages.

A type D ventilation system

In a Type D ventilation system, the supply and return air is completely mechanical via valves. It is also called a balance ventilation system. That name comes from the fact that the system perfectly balances the air in the home. It offers complete control over how much air is exhausted and how much air is supplied. That's something you can't achieve with other types of ventilation. A ventilation system D has numerous advantages:

  • The big advantage of a type D mechanical ventilation system is the built-in heat exchanger. This recovers heat and you are not overwhelmed by cold outside air in the winter months, but still gets fresh and clean air into your home.
  • Type D ventilation works smoothly regardless of the weather conditions outside.
  • The supplied air is filtered of pollen, dust, pollen and humidity is controlled.
  • Mechanical ventilation is an ideal weapon against viruses, including the corona virus, and bacteria. Want to be completely protected from viruses in your own home? Then you can also have ionization built into your balanced ventilation. Ionization technology cleans the air of microparticles you'd rather not breathe by filling the air with positively and negatively charged ions. Those ions settle into the microparticles, preventing the people in the room from inhaling those particles. For the installation of ionization, we work together with the sister company AeroConsult.

Tip: be sure to check out the Total renovation bonus from Fluvius. In fact, a ventilation system can be part of your BENO pass.

This is how a ventilation system works D

Mechanical ventilation is an effective means of optimizing the humidity in your home. A ventilation system D works as follows:

  • Mechanical exhaust air is installed in places at risk for moisture problems, such as condensation. For most people, this is the kitchen and bathroom. Those places often face hot air (from cooking or washing), which would have a chance to condense on the cold surfaces. But with ventilation, condensation doesn't get a chance.
  • Warm air is exhausted through the balance ventilation.
  • The fresh air comes in at the same time and is warmed by the heat of the air directed outside. Thus, people are not startled by waves of cold air coming in and it is easier and more economical to keep your home warm.
  • It also provides a fresh scent in the home. Something that is also not unimportant. After all, moisture problems can also cause a musty smell in the house.

Ventilation system D with AquaConsult

AquaConsult specializes in mechanical ventilation systems D. For this we have two excellent devices in our range:

Comfo Air

The first of these is the Comfo Air, a ventilation system type D (or balanced ventilation). It is available in three different capacities: 350m³ per hour, 450m³ per hour or 600m³ per hour. So whatever suits you best depends on the size of your home.

Comfo Air Compact

The second ventilation system D is the Comfo Air Compact. A smaller model that is perfect for smaller homes and apartments. It can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling and has a capacity of 230m³ per hour.

Tip: You can easily have these balanced ventilation systems expanded with an air-to-air heat pump, which also efficiently and energy-efficiently heats or cools your indoor spaces. Contact us for more information.

Installing a ventilation system D?

Are you convinced of the benefits of a ventilation system D? Then it's a good idea to let a expertguide you. Not only will you then get advice on what is possible in your situation, but you can also expect the installation to be professional and skilled. Are you looking for a ventilation system? contact Aquaconsult now and a field engineer from the area will come by for a free expertise, everywhere in Flanders.

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