Do you have moisture problems in the house?

About 1 in 4 homes in Flanders suffers from moisture problems. There can be many causes for this, but fortunately there are also many solutions for dealing with moisture problems once and for all. Just a tip: make use of AquaConsult 's free moisture diagnosis to have your visible and hidden moisture problems expertly determined and calculated. Our field engineers will visit you without any obligation. By the way, did you know that AquaConsult has a 20-year no-dry-money-back guarantee and is active all over Flanders?

Different types of moisture problems

There are many types of moisture problems, and each requires a different approach. Therefore, it is extremely important to get a correct diagnosis. If you address the moisture problem incorrectly, it will lead to unnecessary costs. To avoid this, it is wise to consult an expert in determining the right treatment for the specific situation. That way, you are assured of the correct approach.

Do you suffer from moisture in the basement? This involves unpleasant side effects. But fortunately, AquaConsult offers efficient solutions.


Are the walls damp and is there a clear moisture problem? Then the cause urgently needs to be addressed.


Rising or rising damp is a major problem in many homes. It usually occurs in older, more porous walls. Don't panic, because AquaConsult offers the solution.


Breakthrough moisture occurs when, for example, rain manages to make its way inside the walls. For this we have a completely different approach to moisture control.


Condensation is the most common moisture problem. It mainly occurs in bathrooms, kitchens and basements. In many cases condensation causes other, new moisture problems in the home such as mould.


Fungi often occur in hidden places such as behind cupboards, in cellars or in bathrooms. A fungus can only grow where the humidity or soil is moist enough. Fungi are therefore combated by removing the cause of the moisture.


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Moisture problems occur in many places in the house

Moisture problems in the home can occur anywhere: on interior walls, exterior walls, in the basement, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or even in the attic. There are dozens of different causes for moisture problems. By the way, did you know that moisture problems even occur in newly built homes?

A moisture problem can occur in different ways. Of course, the best-known form is the phenomenon of rising damp. Here the moisture literally rises up in the walls due to the capillary properties of walls. To a certain extent, moisture can therefore overcome gravity and crawl up through the pores of the walls. The consequences of this are probably well known: think of mould, flaking paint or wallpaper and ugly circles on the wall. In most cases, rising damp is caused by a worn water barrier layer. We can act quickly and efficiently here by applying a new water barrier using wall injections.

Water barrier and moisture problems

Even in new homes?

That even new construction homes can suffer from moisture problems surprises a lot of people. Here there is usually no rising damp, although of course there are always exceptions. No, in new homes we generally find two types of moisture problems:

  • Problems caused by premature wear or unforeseen circumstances: think of a defective chimney, a leaking chimney or a fault in the construction (e.g. a bridge in the cavity).
  • Problems caused by a faulty ventilation circuit. New homes are very well insulated and sometimes too well insulated: here it is more important than elsewhere that the ventilation works correctly!
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The effects of moisture problems in the home

Everyone knows that moisture problems are bad for the quality of living and the value of the house. But what are the most serious consequences of moisture problems? We'll list them here:


Effects of moisture problems on health

A lot of people get respiratory problems, complaints related to asthma or allergies. This is one of the most pressing consequences of moisture problems. This is because a damp house has worse air quality than a house with dry walls and proper ventilation. Especially in rooms where mold can also thrive, the air quality is below standard. Therefore, breathing in a house with moisture problems is simply less healthy than in an unaffected home.


Impact of moisture in home on livability

Even for people who do not experience health problems, it is not pleasant to live in rooms with moisture problems. No one likes to see moisture spots on the wall or incipient mold growth. By the way, don't let the sheer aesthetics stop you from taking action anyway. Because the earlier you can detect the moisture problem, the easier it is to treat. So don't hesitate too long to call in a moisture expert if you should discover one or more symptoms.


Effects of humidity on energy costs

Anyone who has to heat a humid room will use more energy. Even if the humidity is only a few percent higher than in a normal situation, you will find it much harder to get the room comfortably warm. A dry room is significantly easier to heat than a humid room.


A damp house is worth less

All the factors listed above naturally cause an overall decline in the value of the home.

  • Moisture problems can affect the overall structure of the home.
  • The more years there are between the initial identification of symptoms and their eventual treatment, the more difficult it becomes and the higher the cost will be.

So, if you own a home in which moisture problems exist, you have every interest in addressing the situation. Even for homes in which moisture problems only manifest themselves in winter, it is important to raise the alarm in time.

Recognizing and addressing moisture problems

So to avoid the negative consequences of moisture problems in your home, it is very important to detect the moisture problem in time. You can recognize moisture problems in many ways. We list the main symptoms:

  • Regular condensation on the inside of windows or other cold surfaces
  • Damp spots on the wall or ceiling
  • Mold or moss growth
  • Musty smell
  • Loose wallpaper or damaged plasterwork
  • White deposit

Are you unsure if you are dealing with moisture problems? Consult our experts free of charge and without obligation. If desired, they can help you further combat the moisture problem. Our extensive knowledge and experience guarantee you a customized solution.

Subsidies for moisture treatments

If you decide to resolutely tackle the damp walls and hire an AquaConsult moisture specialist, you can check which (renovation) grants you are all entitled to. In Flanders, at provincial and municipal level, some renovations and improvement works are subsidized. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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