Privacy statement AQUACONSULT, a division of VOVENTI cv

Aquaconsult is a division and registered trademark of VOVENTI cv, a company incorporated under Belgian law with registered office at 2970 Schilde, Vogelsanck 2A (KBO 715653231).

Within the scope of its activities, VOVENTI processes personal data of its customers, website visitors, partners and employees. VOVENTI is responsible for the processing of personal data.

In principle, VOVENTI does not process sensitive (racial, political or religious beliefs, ...) data. The data it processes are necessary for offering its products and services and offering new products or new services, for the performance of its contracts, for accounting and banking processing of contract-related data, and for fulfilling legal and contractual obligations regarding liability and warranty. Data are not kept longer than necessary (warranty period) and data no longer needed are purged (minimization).

In principle, the data are not transferred or made available to third parties. Certain data are transferred to third parties for the performance of the contract (place of performance, name and telephone number of the client, etc.), for administrative support (transfer to accounting firm) or to support the activities of the company (external data storage, website and newsletter management, etc.).

The collection and processing of personal data is done in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. This Regulation is generally referred to as "GDPR" (General Data Protection Regulation). Executive decisions and regulations are also taken into account.


VOVENTI is guided by the following principles when processing personal data:


For all processing of personal data for which VOVENTI is responsible, the lawfulness is managed and checked, this in accordance with the. conditions contained in the GDPR.

Proper and transparent

VOVENTI applies the "fair use" principle when processing personal data. VOVENTI will communicate clearly, honestly and transparently about the processing of personal data.

Justifiable purpose

The processing of personal data follows well-defined and explicitly defined purposes, which are recorded in a register of processing activities. VOVENTI ensures that these purposes are always justified. When personal data are further processed for other purposes, VOVENTI ensures that these purposes are compatible with the original purposes.

Minimal data processing

When processing personal data, VOVENTI shall ensure that the personal data it processes are adequate, relevant and necessary within the intended purpose. In all processing operations, VOVENTI will verify that the principles of minimization are pursued.

The accuracy

VOVENTI is committed to the careful maintenance and processing of personal data.

The storage limitation

VOVENTI will not retain personal data longer than necessary.

The integrity and confidentiality

VOVENTI takes the appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to ensure appropriate security of personal data.


VOVENTI, as a controller, will always be accountable for any processing it carries out. VOVENTI will provide the Data Protection Authority with all accountability documents when requested.

Obligations of VOVENTI as processing controller.

To achieve the policy objectives, a number of tasks have been defined. These tasks are in line with all legal obligations that VOVENTI is required to fulfill (processing principles) and of which VOVENTI can demonstrate compliance (accountability - accountability).

Appointing a data protection officer (DPO)

VOVENTI is not bound to appoint a DPO. Nevertheless, VOVENTI has entrusted an assignment to a certified DPO, with duties similar to the rights and duties of a DPO appointed pursuant to the criteria established by law.

Taking measures to secure processing

VOVENTI has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of personal data processed.

Maintaining a record of processing activities

VOVENTI manages a register of all activities involving the processing of personal data. Management includes the establishment, permanent updating and control measures applicable to it. This register serves as a tool in the context of accountability to the GBA (Data Protection Authority), but is not intended for data subjects or the public.

Conducting data protection impact assessment

VOVENTI does not process personal data likely to present a high risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects by virtue of its nature, scope, context and purposes. Therefore, no data protection impact assessment (DPIA) has been carried out.

Compliance with the rights of the data subject

VOVENTI provides the necessary business processes to ensure that the data subject is informed about the processing and that the data subject's rights are implemented (the right to access, copy of data, data erasure, portability, rectification, restriction of processing, notification, portability).

Setting up an incident reporting system

VOVENTI provides an incident reporting system for the internal recording of breaches involving the processing of personal data.

Working with processor agreements

When any processing is carried out on behalf of VOVENTI, VOVENTI shall only use processors that provide adequate guarantees regarding the application of appropriate technical and organizational measures.

Supervision of the execution of tasks under the responsibility of VOVENTI

VOVENTI shall provide clear instructions and guidelines in accordance with the responsibilities of VOVENTI employees in the context of processing operations. Where processing is carried out on behalf of VOVENTI by an employee, VOVENTI shall only use employees who provide adequate guarantees regarding the application of appropriate technical and organizational measures.

Exercise by data subject of his rights

The person concerned (the customer or prospect) has a legal right to access, control and possibly correct and delete his personal data. Subject to proof of identity (copy of identity card - erase national registration number), the person concerned may obtain, free of charge, written notification of his/her personal data by sending a written, dated and signed request to VOVENTI CV (AquaConsult), Vogelsanck 2 A at 2970 SCHILDE or If necessary, you can also ask to correct the data which are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, as well as to delete them insofar as they are no longer necessary for the execution of the agreement which VOVENTI would have with you.