Overview of all moisture problems and moisture solutions

Renovation: Aqua Consult carries out moisture control renovations to make the walls or cellar cork dry again with a decennial guarantee.

Mold in the home: Mold in the home is always a result of excessive humidity in the affected areas. This can have several causes such as rising damp, leaking damp, poor ventilation or condensation. Request a free mold inspection.to.

Remove fungi: Are you suffering from moulds in the house, such as in the bathroom, kitchen or cellar? Aqua Consult combats fungi with different applications.

Rising damp: Rising damp is a moisture problem present in the walls due to rising groundwater. The pores of the walls conduct the water upward, with the known problems such as mold or damaged walls in the bathroom, bedroom, basement, living room, garage or on the floor.

Moisture control: If you suffer from moisture problems and need proper moisture control, you are certainly not alone. Approximately 1 in 4 house owners in Flanders will sooner or later experience moisture problems that require treatment.

Basement waterproofing: Aqua Consult treats damp basements by two methods: with basement drainage or with classic basement waterproofing. Basement sealing involves applying a new layer throughout the basement, as opposed to drainage, where we drain the moisture.

Basement drainage: suffering from a damp basement? Then there are two solutions of moisture control: basement waterproofing and basement drainage. Excess water can be efficiently drained through basement drainage.

Basement ventilation: Cellar ventilation is the most common solution for damp cellars. You can ventilate a cellar in a natural way and in a mechanical way.

Wall injections: In wall injections, we treat the rising damp with a new waterproofing layer, which gives the wall back the chance to dry nicely. We inject the walls with a special substance that penetrates deep into the pores of the walls.

Permeable moisture: Permeable moisture is a different problem from rising damp or moisture rising. When rain gets the opportunity to soak into the walls, we speak of this type of moisture. Recognizers of this problem are usually moisture spots located at the top of the wall.

Hydrofuge: A hydrofuge or facade impregnation is the best moisture control method to counteract breakthrough moisture. We apply a transparent and watertight layer to the facade, so that rainwater can no longer drain in.

Facade cleaning: In a facade cleaning, we completely clean the facade and apply a transparent and waterproof coating to the facade, protecting it from moisture problems.

Moist basement treatment: A damp cellar seems inevitable in most homes. The cellar is in many cases the most humid part of the house. With modern building technologies, however, cellars can be corked dry, which increases the liveable area of the house and increases its value.

Air Conditioning: An air conditioning system has many advantages. First, a well-functioning air conditioning system ensures proper regulation of the temperature in the home. Moreover, an air conditioner can blow cold as well as hot. So even in the winter, you can easily use an air conditioner to add a little extra heating!

Ventilation: Good ventilation is important, not only to prevent moisture problems but also to promote healthy air quality in the home.

Problems in the basement or crawl cellar

If you have problems in the basement, chances are you have one of the following moisture problems:

  • Moist cellar or crawler cellar
  • Fungi in the basement or crawl cellar
  • Groundwater in the basement or crawl cellar
  • Rising damp in the basement or crawl cellar
  • Wet basement floor (water in basement floor)
  • Wet basement walls
  • Musty smell in cellar or crawl cellar
  • Mould on (crawling) basement walls
  • Blowing on the basement wall
  • Lime falls from cellar wall
  • Occupation falls from the basement wall
  • Paint flakes off in basement
  • White attack on cellar wall
  • Saltpetre (salts) on cellar wall
  • Kimnaad cellar sealing
  • Water between wall and basement floor
  • Pipes broken in basement (with leaks)
  • Non-watertight utilities (mains water)
  • Leak along transit in the basement
  • White mould
  • Black mold

Solutions for the basement

  • Basement or crawl cellar bowls
  • Floor drainage for basement or crawl cellar
  • Fragrance solutions for basement
  • Pumping water out of basement
  • Cellar dry again
  • Wall drainage in basement
  • Have cellar drainage installed
  • Cellar drying
  • Waterproof concrete floor slab
  • Reinforced heel cellar
  • Floor drainage with ceramic tiles
  • Ceramic tiles for basement
  • Floor drainage with stud finishing and concrete finish
  • Placement of pump housing in basement (with pump connected to sewer system)
  • Wall drainage with moisture and mildew resistant smooth slabs
  • Waterproof coating
  • Throughput sealing with special components (against leaks in throughput utilities)
  • Concrete injection in the basement (bilge seam)
  • Bubble wrap in the basement
  • White mould: treatment rising damp in cellar
  • Black mold: ventilation in the basement
  • Ventilation in the basement
  • Wall injections in the basement

Price moisture control, cellar seal or wall injections for rising damp

Price indicators for cellar sealing, cellar drainage, mould control, wet occupation, rising damp, wall injections and general moisture control. Below are the factors that influence the price.

  • Moisture resuscitating or rising damp?
  • Walls: bare or occupied?
  • Walls? Cutting them off or not?
  • Skirting: removed or not?
  • Radiator: removed by driver or not?
  • Wall injections: how many running meters?
  • How thick is the wall?
  • Grants or subsidies from the Flemish government or federal government?
  • Are there any moulds?
  • Injection and/or ventilation and/or hoods?
  • Broken occupation (pulverized)?

Moisture problems in walls

  • Wallpaper comes loose from the wall
  • Wet spots on wallpaper
  • Paint comes loose from the wall
  • Wet walls
  • Moisture permeating walls
  • Wet spots on the wall
  • Black mould on ceiling and walls
  • Skirting boards come loose due to moisture
  • Moist outer walls
  • Moisture in living room walls (living room)
  • Moisture in bedrooms
  • Moisture in kitchen walls
  • Moisture in the storeroom
  • Moisture in the bathroom
  • Moisture in the entrance
  • Moisture in the garage
  • Moisture in the inner walls

Moisture solutions for walls

  • Moisture control by wall injections (injecting walls)
  • Injecting walls
  • Ventilation places
  • Balance sheet ventilation places
  • Moisture control by wall trimming
  • Moisture control in general
  • Moisture control with moisture-repellent membrane
  • Bucket against moisture problems
  • Mould free plates
  • Moisture free plates


Moisture problems have an impact on many health problems.

  • Allergies of any kind
  • House dust mite allergy
  • Silverfish allergy
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory problems
  • Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Eczema
  • Skin rash
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness

Air conditioning

  • Installation of air conditioning system
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioners without outdoor unit
  • Heating with air conditioning
  • Ventilation with air conditioning
  • Cooling with air conditioning
  • Healthy air through air conditioning
  • Innova Air Conditioner
  • Innova Airco
  • Dimplex
  • Thermocomfort


  • Cellar ventilation
  • Bedroom ventilation
  • Ventilate kitchen
  • Bathroom ventilation
  • Ventilate the house
  • Have ventilation installed by a qualified professional
  • Air purification in the home
  • Healthy air in the house
  • Request ventilation prices

Exterior facade

  • Wet exterior facade
  • Hydrofuge exterior facade
  • Treat penetrating moisture outside wall
  • Exterior facade moisture problems
  • External facade moulds