Suffering from condensation moisture?

What is condensation moisture, what are the consequences? And what can you do about it? In this blog, Aquaconsult answers all your questions.

What is condensation moisture?

Condensation moisture is something that occurs in most homes, although it is not always a problem.

Condensation moisture occurs where moist, warm air comes into contact with a cold surface where the air condenses (becomes liquid). On those cold surfaces, that warm air forms, droplets. This is how it happens, for example, while cooking or taking a hot shower. Condensation moisture therefore occurs mainly in rooms that are (or cannot be) properly ventilated. Condensation can also occur on exterior walls. In that case, a thermal bridge is usually the problem.

Usually that is on windows and mirrors. That is where condensation is not a moisture problem. But condensation moisture doesn't just adhere to windows and mirrors. It adheres to all kinds of (cold) places. So also on porous surfaces such as a wall. Then condensation moisture does become a moisture problem.


What are the consequences of condensation moisture?

Condensation has many consequences for your health and your home.

The first major consequence of condensation moisture is high humidity. This sounds harmless at first glance, but too high humidity brings with it many things. For one thing, it is bad for your health. Among other things, it causes breathing problems and coughing. It also causes excessive energy bills. The more humid the room is, the harder it is to heat it up.

Another consequence of condensation moisture comes somewhat together with high humidity. This is because it also causes mold to grow on the walls.

Mold on the walls, like high humidity, can cause a lot of health problems. Again, these are mainly respiratory problems and respiratory infections. Is the mold really bad? Then it can even affect the strength of your home.

So, as you can see, you really need to address a moisture problem caused by condensation.


What can I do about condensation moisture?

There is one major solution to condensation moisture: ventilation. Not all rooms can be naturally ventilated equally well, so sometimes the solution is to have mechanical ventilation installed. Such ventilation removes the warm, moist air. Did you have a balanced ventilation system installed? If so, it also brings in fresh air.


Ventilation in the fight against condensation ... and corona.

Ventilation not only has the benefit of helping condensation moisture get out of your house. With a little modification, you can also have ionization installed in that ventilation. That technology purifies your home of all the particulates you don't want to breathe, like particulates and pollen. But it also purifies the air of germs such as viruses.

So do you want to deal with the moisture problem of condensation and at the same time purge the corona virus from the air? Then balanced ventilation with ionization is the perfect choice. For that ventilation, Aquaconsult works with the company Aeroconsult. They specialize in air conditioning and ventilation and are the only company that installs ionization technology in private homes. Technology that has been approved by the Belgian government.

Anything for healthy living!


If you suffer from condensation moisture, contact Aquaconsult and our specialists will visit you for a free moisture expertise, anywhere in Flanders.

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