SUFFERING FROM MOLD ON THE WALL? Aquaconsult is at your service

What exactly is mold on the walls? How do you recognize mold on the wall and what can you do about it? What are the consequences for your home and your health? Can I remove mold myself? Read this blog post now and find out it all.


What exactly are mold on the walls?

Mold on the wall can come in different colors and shapes. The most common are white mold, green mold and black mold. Mold itself is not a moisture problem, but often a moisture problem is at the root of that mold on the wall. Each of these moisture problems has its own solutions. We'll go into that in more detail later.


How do I recognize mold on the wall?

There are several symptoms that can indicate mold on the wall. The most obvious is black or green deposits in the recesses and corners of the room. You also have something like white mold, but it is less easy to recognize. It usually gives a white appearance on the walls.

Besides the visible symptoms on the wall, there are some other things that may indicate that you are suffering from mold on the wall. For example, mold causes high humidity in your home. That high humidity causes you to need more energy to heat up your home, so your energy bill is quite a bit higher than it would normally be.

In addition, mold creates a musty smell in your home and you may even suffer from health problems.


What are the consequences of mold on the wall?

The most common mold on the wall is black mold; also known as toxic mold. As you might suspect, mold (and specifically black mold) sometimes have major health consequences. Especially for children, the elderly and people who already have underlying pulmonary or respiratory complaints. An example would be people with asthma.

The spores of black mold can cause breathing problems, fatigue, nausea or in some cases even nerve and joint pain. Allergic reactions, irritated eyes and fatigue also result from black mold.

But it's not just a drain on our health. Our house also sees away from mold on the wall. The longer the mold grows on the wall, the weaker that wall becomes. In the best cases, the paint starts to peel off, but if your house is a wood-frame construction, it can affect that frame as well.


The causes and their solutions

There are two moisture problems that often cause mold on the wall.

1. Penetrating moisture

In case of penetrating damp, the outer walls of the house are the big culprit. At that point, they can no longer handle the moisture from outside - often a lot of rain - so the wall absorbs that moisture.

Permeable moisture causes mold in random places in the house, but only along the outer walls. The best solution to persistent moisture is to apply a waterproofing layer to the facades of the house. This will prevent moisture from getting inside.

2. Condensation moisture

Condensation moisture occurs when warm air condenses in a cold place in the home. Mold due to condensation moisture often occurs in places such as the kitchen or bathroom. Places where warm moisture can settle on the cold wall.

The solution to a problem like condensation moisture, is to install a good ventilation system. That ventilation system moves the steam away from the room so that it has no chance to condense on the walls.

3. Cold bridges

Thermal bridges also cause moisture problems. The insulation does not fit together properly, allowing cold air to enter and mold to get free rein.

Can I remove mold on the wall myself?

Whether you can remove mold from the wall yourself depends on the severity of that mold. Do you find only some black dots here and there? If so, you can certainly do it yourself. Scrub the wall with baking soda and water or buy a mold killer at the do-it-yourself store. 

Take care: take good care of yourself. Always wear a mouth mask and gloves so as not to endanger your health. 

Does it involve large spots on the walls? Then it's best to call in a professional such as Aquaconsult. Also, removing the mold yourself is not always a definitive solution. Aquaconsult not only tackles the mold, but also ensures that the cause is addressed.


Are you suffering from mold on the walls yourself? Then contact Aquaconsult and our specialists will come by for a free moisture expertise, anywhere in Flanders.

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