Moisture problems in new homes

We often mistakenly think that moisture problems occur only in older homes. But nothing could be further from the truth: New construction homes do not escape them either. In any building, moisture can occur at some point. In many cases, this remains almost harmless, such as the appearance of condensation moisture after showering. However, over time, even seemingly minor moisture problems can cause damage. Read all about moisture problems in new construction homes here.

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What moisture problems in new construction homes?

Several types of moisture problems can crop up in a new construction home. We list some common causes of moisture problems in a new construction.

Building moisture

Often moisture problems in new construction homes are caused by building moisture. Building materials such as cement and concrete require a lot of water during production. In addition, weather conditions during the works can also cause additional moisture.

After construction, it is essential that these materials be given sufficient time to dry out properly before the property is occupied. In addition, adequate ventilation must also be provided. However, we often find that this is not always respected in practice, which can result in increased humidity or moisture stains. So wait long enough and ventilate your newly built home thoroughly before finishing your walls and floors and moving in, or you will eventually experience moisture problems.

Condensation water

In humid areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, humidity rises quickly. When you cook or take a bath, a large amount of water vapor enters the air, which will then deposit on cold surfaces, such as the walls and ceiling. The resulting water droplets are harmless at first. However, it becomes a problem when the humidity is too high for long periods of time and the water vapor cannot get away. This type of condensation problem is often caused by mistakes in construction or faulty insulation installation.

Rising damp

Rising damp occurs when walls absorb soil moisture or excess rainwater. This phenomenon is often caused by a high groundwater table and can be exacerbated by problems with the water barrier. Failure to do so when renovating the water barrier is one of the most common construction mistakes that lead to this moisture problem. Leaving plaster to the ground can also contribute to rising damp.

Moisture control in walls: treating rising damp

Consequences of moisture problems in new construction

Moisture problems in a new construction have adverse effects on both livability and the value of the new home:

  • Health implications. Moisture problems in a new building go hand in hand with lower air quality. They can lead to respiratory, asthma- and allergy-related problems. Especially in humid environments where mold thrives, occupants' health is at risk.
  • Effects on livability. Moisture problems lead to moisture stains and mold growth, which is further accompanied by an unpleasant odor. In addition, a damp living, bath, or bedroom is harder to heat, requiring more energy.
  • Effects of moisture on new home construction. Moisture problems lead to an overall reduction in the value of the home and can damage the structure.

The longer symptoms are ignored, the more difficult and expensive treatment becomes. So it is essential to address moisture problems early, even if they only occur during the winter.

Addressing moisture problems in your new construction home

Just as there are different causes for moisture problems, there are also different moisture solutions that can fix the moisture problems. Some examples are:

The best solution to use depends very much on the cause and extent of the moisture problem. Be sure to enlist the expertise of a moisture expert, as this will ensure the proper selection and correct application of moisture control methods.

Have you noticed a moisture problem in your new construction? Or are you planning to purchase a new construction home? If so, we understand that you want to do everything possible to avoid moisture problems. Have your property inspected for possible moisture problems. That way, any problems will be noticed quickly and an appropriate solution can be provided. That way, you can enjoy your new construction home carefree.

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