Injecting walls: the ideal solution against rising damp in the home

Do you live in a house with one or more walls that show symptoms of moisture problems? Then you are not alone in Flanders: about 1 in 4 Flemings comes into contact with a moisture problem at some point in their lives. In many cases it is rising damp, because this is the most common moisture problem in our country. Fortunately, we can easily inject walls to form a new waterproofing layer. Thanks to wall injections, damp walls become dry again and you get a lasting result!

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Advantages of injecting walls

  • It is a definitive and sustainable solution;
  • Closing guarantee on moisture problems;
  • Quick execution: dry again at short notice!
  • Any government intervention(My Rebuilding Premium)
  • Sensitive increase in capital gain on real estate
  • Significant reduction in energy costs
  • 30 year warranty on AquaConsult performances
  • Our guarantees are very long because we only work with top products of top products from Rewah N.V.

Free analysis

Not sure if you are suffering from persistent damp? Our specialists will visit you for free and without obligation. Contact our specialists for more info.

Why get your walls injected?

Rising damp affects your walls in both visible and invisible places. Of course, there are aesthetic reasons to combat rising damp such as spots on the wall, peeling paint or wallpaper coming loose. But did you know that moisture control also has financial and value-added benefits for the home? Here are some good reasons in advance to quickly address all moisture problems in your home:

  • It takes a lot more energy to heat a humid room. In dry rooms you have less heating costs;
  • A damp wall creates a stale, heavy air;
  • Fungi thrive on damp walls;
  • Living in damp rooms is not good for your health (think of people with asthma);
  • A damp cellar provides a strong depreciation of the house;
  • Do you ever want to sell the house? If so, moisture problems in the walls are guaranteed to question potential buyers.
  • People who treat moisture problems are eligible for the Flemish Renovation Premium.

It is important to inject only the walls affected by rising damp. For this, the moisture analysis is very important, and AquaConsult can assist you with this. Such an initial site visit is always free of charge and is always done by a qualified AquaConsult moisture expert with specialized equipment.

What does injecting walls mean?

What exactly do wall injections involve? Well, the principle is actually quite simple. When we treat walls against rising damp using wall injections, we proceed in a very specific way.

1. Preparing the wall for injections

First, the wall is prepared for injections. In this process, plasterers repair all cracks in the damp wall. Next, holes must be drilled in the wall at the skirting board level.

2. Injecting walls with damp-proofing products.

In the second step, we skillfully inject the wall with damp-proofing gel that quickly forms a water barrier layer in the pores of the wall. Immediately after injecting the wall, the gel spreads deep into the pores of the wall. The substance hardens well, forming a continuous, permanent horizontal barrier. As a result, rising moisture no longer sees a passage and the wall can dry out nicely.

The depth and strength of the waterproofing layer that subsequently forms depends greatly on the quality of the waterproofing gel. So be very choosy in your choice of gel, because it is very decisive for the durability of the procedure. After all, you don't want to find out after ten years that you have to start all over again. AquaConsult therefore chose only products of the highest quality, including the top products of Rewah NV. This has no influence on our prices, feel free to compare yourself! But it does have a major impact on the durability of the treatment. How does this manifest itself? Well, where others on average run into problems again after 5 to 10 years due to the decay of the waterproofing layer, Aqua Consult specifically offers a guarantee on wall injections of at least 30 years.

wall injections

How much does it cost to inject walls?

Many people wonder how much it costs to inject walls. However, the answer is not so easy to give without knowing all the parameters:

  • What is the surface area of the damaged wall?
  • Is the moisture problem located only in the walls or also in the floor?
  • What type of wall needs to be treated? Is it an interior wall? An exterior wall? Is it a cavity wall?
  • Is the problem located in the basement or on the ground floor?
  • Are you eligible for My Renovation Premium from the Flemish government?
  • Which finish do you choose afterwards?

AquaConsult is happy to help you calculate the cost of wall injections for your situation.

Injecting walls: your ideal solution?

Ready to say goodbye to rising damp for good? Contact our moisture experts and receive a free moisture analysis.

Do you suffer from penetrating moisture, where the moisture from outside manages to penetrate horizontally? Then injecting walls is not an immediate option, and we recommend facade impregnation.

Not sure which treatment is best for the moisture problem in your home? Then ask for a free expertise from one of our moisture experts-construction engineers. Our technical advisors have many years of experience in determining how best to combat moisture.

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