Do you suffer from a damp basement? Sometimes the underground pressure of the water is too high and traditional basement waterproofing cannot provide a solution. In this situation, we use a basement drain that drains the excess water in the basement in the desired manner.

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  • A dry basement
  • Final and sustainable solution
  • Closing warranty, 20 years long
  • Quick execution
  • Possible government intervention (premium)
  • Increase in added value real estate
  • Unique solution from AquaConsult

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Not sure if basement drainage is the right solution for your situation? Are you in need of support? Our technical advisors have accumulated extensive experience and expertise to effectively determine how best to combat moisture.

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What is basement drainage?

If you notice moisture or puddles of water in your basement, it is highly recommended that you waterproof your basement. If you don't, sooner or later you will have to deal with the negative consequences of moisture problems. One way to waterproof a basement is through basement drainage. This drains the groundwater entering the basement in a permanent way through channels. There are three types of basement drainage, depending on how the groundwater gets to the basement:

  • Edge drainage, when moisture penetrates at the junction between the basement floor and the walls.
  • Wall drainage, when moisture penetrates through the basement walls.
  • Floor drainage, when moisture makes its way in through the basement floor.

How does basement drainage work?

Whether you're dealing with wall, edge, or floor drainage, the method used by the moisture expert is very similar. With traditional floor drainage, a moisture expert typically installs a solid bubble wrap or bubble membrane, which is used to drain the groundwater:

  • The bubble wrap contains a specific structure with small channels. These little channels serve as collection channels for groundwater, which is then directed to a drain.
  • This drain is drilled at the lowest point of the basement, allowing the water to drain naturally.
  • The collected water is then pumped out of the collection well through a drain using a water pump. Usually this pump is equipped with sensors, making it operate automatically.
  • To prevent penetrating groundwater from reaching the channels, firm waterproof tape is applied between the strips and on the sides of the bubble wrap.
  • The moisture expert completes the process by applying a new layer of concrete on top of the studded membrane.
Aquaconsult cellar sealing

By efficiently draining groundwater under this new floor, floor drainage is a sustainable solution that is also unobtrusive.

After complete curing and drying of the new floor, the moisture problem is permanently solved. In the process, about 8 cm of height is lost. It is wise to hire a specialist if you are considering basement floor drainage. This ensures a careful assessment and expert execution of the necessary work.



The unique process of Aqua Consult:

At AquaConsult, we have a certified alternative approach to floor drainage. Unlike adding a new layer of concrete above the bubble wrap, as described previously, we use certified ceramic tiles.

  • A pump housing is placed in the floor or wall in which the water is collected. This pump is equipped with level monitoring.
  • Certified 60 x 60 x 2 ceramic tiles will be installed(color of your choice)
  • The tiles are elastically grouted (optional) using a unique process that means they never come loose.
  • In total, you will lose a maximum of 5 inches of height in your basement:
    • 2 inches in front of the tile
    • 3 centimeters before construction
  • You enjoy the standard 20-year warranty.
Ceramic tiles Aquaconsult
Cellar sealing parts

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