Sometimes the underground pressure of the water is too high and a traditional cellar seal cannot offer a solution. In this situation, we use a cellar drainage system that drains the excess water in the cellar in the desired manner.

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  • Dry cellar
  • Final and sustainable solution
  • Closing warranty
  • Quick execution
  • Possible government intervention (premium)
  • Increase Added value real estate


Drainage from the inside of a wet basement means that both walls and floors are treated and always provides a reliable solution. Your unused cellar space can even be given a new purpose.

Our technical advisors have many years of experience in determining how best to combat moisture.

A traditional basement drainage

In the case of cellar drainage, the traditional method is used:

  • A pump housing placed in the floor in which the water is collected
  • Bubble wrap placed
  • Concrete is poured onto it
  • In total you lose 8 centimeters of height in your basement
  • With the standard 20-year warranty

Aquaconsult cellar sealing

The unique process of Aqua Consult:

In case of a cellar drainage, Aqua Consult uses an alternative second, certified method:

  • A pump housing placed in the floor in which the water is collected
  • The pump is equipped with level monitoring
  • Waterproof floor plate is built up and fitted with laser
  • Installation of certified 60 x 60 x 2 ceramic tiles (colour of your choice)
  • The tiles are grouted elastically according to a unique process that ensures that they never come loose again.
  • In total, you lose a maximum of 5 centimetres of height in your basement: 2 centimetres for the tile, 3 centimetres for the structure.
  • With the standard 20-year warranty

Ceramic tiles Aquaconsult
Cellar sealing parts

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