Innova AircoHeater 2.0. Without Outdoor Unit With Ionization

AeroConsult is a new division of AquaConsult and is the only installer in Belgium offering Innova Aircoheater Monoblock systems with ionization and air purification.

The Innova Air conditioner monoblock is among the very best monoblock air conditioners on the market. Innova monoblock air conditioning systems have no unsightly outdoor unit, making them elegant and practical to use.

  • Cooling and heating
  • Control via touchscreen, remote control or smartphone
  • Only 16 cm depth
  • Fixed outdoor grilles

The Innova Aircoheater monoblock is the only one offered with ionization by AeroConsult. Visit the website here or view the detailed brochure with more product information.

Advantages of an Innova air conditioner without an outdoor unit

The Aircoheater 2.0 cools and heats very energy efficiently via its built-in heat pump without an outdoor unit. This substantially improves energy performance without sacrificing the aesthetics of the home.

Easy installation

The "Aircoheater 2.0" can be easily installed on any exterior wall.

Everything needed for installation, being mounting template and mounting kit (A), the tubes for the holes (B) and the external grilles (C), is included in the package (with the exception, of course, of the bore and drill head).

Installation is easier than with any air conditioning system. The impact on indoor air quality is great.

Why order an Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner from AquaConsult?

Best price guarantee

AquaConsult guarantees you the lowest price in Belgium and the Netherlands. If you can objectively demonstrate a better price that was applicable at the time you purchased the air conditioner from us, we will refund the difference.

Free delivery

Do you order your Innova Monoblock Air Conditioner from AquaConsult? Then transport costs within Belgium are included. This is actually an additional discount due to ever increasing energy prices.


Unlike some other suppliers, we do not require you to sign a maintenance contract. In fact, we don't even offer you a maintenance contract: our Innova Monoblock Air Conditioners are low maintenance; or even maintenance-free. So you don't have to worry about that.

Fast delivery and pickup possible

Thanks to our stock, we can help you very quickly. Do you choose the DIY installation? Then we will deliver your air conditioner within five days. Would you like to have the air conditioner installed by one of our professionals? Then you can count on a delivery period of up to two weeks.

Would you like to be helped faster? Then you can always come and pick up your air conditioner yourself as soon as we receive your payment.

With ionization to a healthier living environment

Our ionization devices eliminate pollutants, pollen, particulate matter, viruses and bacteria inside your home or office. We can equip your arico with the appropriate ionization system without affecting delivery or installation times.

Pricing for these ionization systems is available on the web shop of AeroConsult; our sister company.

Fixed external grilles. Modern controls.

The "Air Conditioner 2.0" has fixed outdoor grilles. The unit can be operated either through the touch screen on the unit, through the remote control or through an app on the smartphone.

Sublime design

At only 16 cm deep, the "Aircoheater 2.0" is by far the subtlest and lightest in its category. The aesthetic impact is minimal, both outside and inside.

Technical high quality

1. The body of the air conditioner heater 2.0 is now made entirely of metal. Strong and robust.

2. Wide control panel allows you to easily change any setting. Also equipped with a built-in WIFI receiver.

3. The condensing battery has high efficiency, with integrated evaporation effect which further improves the efficiency.

4. Compact thoughtful design

1. Lateral discharge also possible if the lateral discharge kit is added.

Blowout right side (TC.5.95.0040).
Blowout left side (TC.5.95.0042).


A. Horizontal indoor unit.
B. Lateral discharge kit.
C. Outer grilles.

2. Nebulizer (TC.5.95.0015)

Condensate drainage can sometimes be a problem. Therefore, it is possible to add a nebulizer at an additional cost.

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