Are you eligible for the Flemish Renovation Premium?

Anyone who renovates or renovates his house is entitled to various grants and subsidies in Flanders, one of which is the Flemish Renovation Premium. How do you qualify for the Flemish Renovation Premium? We'll give you some more information below. For a detailed calculation of the costs and premiums we refer to the free expertise of Aqua Consult. A possible premium always depends on the surface area to be treated, the nature of the house, the expected costs and the history of the applicant.


A resident of the Flemish Region who wishes to renovate a building or convert an existing building into a dwelling can claim the Flemish renovation grant. Please take the following factors into account when placing your application:

DOMICILY: The owner-occupier must be domiciled in the property at the time of application.

LIFE OF THE HOUSE: The residence must be at least 30 years old and located in the Flemish Region.


The owner may not earn more than the following amounts:

(a) EUR 42090 for single persons without dependants (EUR 42 890 for applications from 2018)

b) EUR 60120 for single persons with one dependant, to be increased by EUR 3,370 per additional dependant (EUR 61,270 and EUR 3,440 for applications from 2018 onwards).

c) 60120 euros for married couples and legal or de facto cohabitants, to be increased by 3,370 euros per dependent person (61,270 euros and 3,440 euros for applications from 2018 onwards).


INVOICE DATE: Invoices (or a copy thereof) must not be older than two years on the date of application and must not date from before the purchase of the property. Please note that order forms, receipts, quotations or shipping notes are not invoices.

Both invoices of works carried out by a contractor and invoices of materials purchased to carry out the works themselves are valid.

MINIMUM EQUIPMENT: The works for which the allowance is paid are classified into categories. The invoice for the work carried out must be at least €2,500 (excl. VAT) per category. There is no maximum invoice amount.

Ask for more information about the Flemish renovation premium for moisture control

Ask one of our Aqua Consult moisture experts for more information about the Flemish renovation premium in your municipality or province. Fill in the form below and get in direct contact with the moisture expert from your region. This is a non-binding request in which we will contact you to make an appointment by phone or on site. This way we can ask you some questions and see if you qualify!