We are excited to share the news that AquaConsult has been in the spotlight repeatedly over the past few weeks! As a company, we nurture a passion for moisture control and strive to make a healthy home a reality for everyone. It is therefore great to see our expertise recognized by reputable media companies.

Wet Basements

We notice it more and more often. A lot of homes are experiencing damp to wet basements. This does not only include homes that are located on a street that has flooded. Even people who never had problems before are now facing damp basements. How does this happen? And why is this becoming more common?

This is why AquaConsult's expertise was called upon. Our manager Luc Lambrechts explained this topic to some well-known media companies.

In the Spotlight

AquaConsult's expertise appeared on several media outlets:

  • VRT NWS: In a recent article titled "Exceptionally high groundwater levels: important for drinking water and agriculture, but it also has nasty consequences," we were interviewed. It was a great experience to share in-depth insights with the readers of VRT NWS.
  • Nieuwsblad: Our business manager Luc Lambrechts gave a fascinating interview at Het Nieuwsblad. We discussed what's best to do when you have a wet basement.
  • Radio 1: Our business manager was also interviewed to explain the extraordinarily wet first weeks of 2024.
  • De Morgen: Finally, Luc received a phone call from De Morgen in mid-March, asking them some questions about the large number of inquiries regarding damp basements.

Our Thanks

Our sincere thanks go to VRT NWS, Nieuwsblad, Radio 1 and De Morgen for the opportunity to share our knowledge and insights. We appreciate the recognition and look forward to future opportunities to work together.

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