What is moisture-resistant paint?

Damp-proof paint, as the name implies, is a type of paint specifically designed to repel moisture. This type of paint usually contains a water-repellent compound. This ensures that after the paint dries properly, a barrier is created between the paint and moisture. This prevents moisture from penetrating the walls.

With the naked eye, you often don't notice the difference from ordinary wall paint. Yet it has a number of additional advantages:

  • Your wall will (of course) be moisture-resistant or water-repellent;
  • Your wall will be easier to dry and clean;
  • And your wall will be extra protected from mold.

When do you need moisture-resistant paint?

Damp-proof paint is a useful tool in many different situations, but not all of them. We explain when damp-proof paint is a good idea:

  • As a preventive measure. Would you like to protect the walls of rooms where a lot of moisture occurs, or would you like to protect your exterior walls from possible moisture penetration in the future? Then it is interesting to apply a coat of moisture-resistant paint to your kitchen, bathroom, basement or facade.
  • As a post-treatment for moisture problems. Do you suffer from damp walls or mold in your home? Then in all probability you are dealing with a moisture problem. Think for example of leaking or rising damp. After finding the cause, addressing it and letting the solution do its job properly, you can apply damp-proof paint as a kind of additional moisture control agent.

Note that moisture-resistant paint is not a quick fix or magic solution. For example, if you experience a moisture spot on a wall, painting it over is usually not an appropriate or permanent solution. The moisture will simply return over time. Worse, the problem may just get worse. Therefore, we recommend that you first determine the actual cause of the moisture, and apply the most appropriate moisture solution. Do not hesitate to call in a moisture expert, as this guarantees the best treatment.

The types of moisture-resistant paint

Is damp-proof paint right for your situation? Then, broadly speaking, you have two options. Namely, we broadly distinguish between two types of damp-proof paint:

  • Interior waterproof paint. This type of damp-proof paint is specifically designed for interior walls. By applying a layer of this paint to the interior wall, moisture cannot penetrate the wall. This is especially interesting for damp rooms, such as a bathroom, kitchen or basement.
  • Exterior water-repellent paint. This variant is intended only for the exterior walls of a home. Here the paint forms an additional protective layer against penetrating moisture.
damp-proof paint

Which damp-proof paint is best to choose?

There are plenty of alternatives on the market. Which damp-proof paint you best choose depends on the situation. Get advice from an expert. Our moisture experts recommend the moisture-resistant Tensiocoat of Rewah NV. We have trusted this brand for a long time, also for injecting walls.

How do you apply moisture-resistant paint?

You have no underlying moisture problems (anymore), you know which walls you want to paint, and you've chosen a moisture-resistant paint. You can finally start the real work! Typically, you (or a professional painter) will follow these steps:

  • Preparation. We repeat it again because it's so important: the moisture problem must be completely eliminated before you can start painting. In addition, your walls must be clean and dry.
  • Painting. Damp-proof paint usually applies like regular paint. In most cases, two coats are sufficient. If necessary, apply a primer beforehand.
  • Drying. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Are you suffering from moisture in your home? Then don't delay and request your free expertise. Our moisture experts will be happy to visit you.