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Mold come in all sizes and colors, but the best known is black mold. What exactly is black mold? What are its causes or solutions? And is black mold dangerous to your health? We list it for you.

What is black mold?

Many fungi are dark in color. But, when we talk about black mold, this refers to one specific species: the Stachybotrys Chartarum. This one - as its popular name implies - is black or very dark and is found mainly in damp places in the house. This can be on the walls, but also in the kitchen or bathroom. In the initial stages, the mold will take the form of small black dots. If it is not remedied immediately and the room remains damp, the heavy dots will spread to larger spots. Black mold becomes increasingly easy to spot in this way.

How dangerous is black mold in the home?

Having heavy mold in your home really only brings negative consequences. Black mold is not only a detriment to your health, it is also harmful to your home.

Black mold: a danger to your health

Black mold is also sometimes called the toxic mold. Once it nestles on walls, it can pose many health risks. They emit mycotoxins. It is not deadly, but it can cause a lot of symptoms:

  • Nerve and joint pain
  • Respiratory problems
  • Irritated eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Allergic reactions

Children, seniors and vulnerable people - with chronic diseases, for example - are especially susceptible to this.

With small black spots in the shower, don't panic right away. Are there already large black spots on the wall? Or does it smell musty? Then you do need to take action.

On the other hand, are there black spots in the nursery? Then do something about it right away, because it is anything but healthy. Especially children will quickly experience negative effects.

Black mold: a danger to your home

Not only is black mold dangerous to your health, but in some cases it can also be a hazard to your home.

  • Black mold affects various things such as drywall and plaster.
  • But the structure or structure of your home can also be affected by black mold, weakening your home.
  • Also, black mold likes wood and often settles in the wooden structures of your home, and once black mold is in wood, it is difficult to get rid of. This often requires replacing all the wood.

Fortunately, this is something you can prevent. Black mold does not affect the structure of your home overnight. If you catch it in time, you can protect your home.

What are the causes of black mold? And their solutions?

Black mold usually develops as a result of moisture problems, such as a damp basement or rising damp. The spores of black mold are often already floating in the air, but pose no danger until they can spread and multiply on and in the walls as a result of moisture. The severity of moisture problems can vary, but mold generally thrives in damp conditions and at temperatures between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Below are some common causes of moisture problems:

1. Inadequate ventilation

Do you find black mold in rooms where it is often damp, such as the plumbing or basement? Then chances are the cause is poor ventilation. If the moisture can't get out, it settles in the walls. That's the perfect place for black mold to develop.

The solution - rather logically - is a ventilation system that purifies the air and removes the moisture.

2. Condensation moisture

Do the black spots occur on windows, in room corners, on the outside wall or in other random cold places? If so, it is most likely about condensation moisture.

Condensation occurs when you generate hot air; for example, when you cook or when you take a shower. That warm air settles on the cold surfaces where it condenses.

When that happens every day, those cold surfaces are constantly damp, giving the fungi a chance to reproduce.

Again, the solution is a ventilation system so that the moisture disappears from the air.

3. Penetrating moisture

Are you finding black spots in random places on the walls? Are they found on all floors of the house? If so, you may be suffering from penetrating moisture.

Permeable moisture occurs when rainwater passes through walls without a cavity, making its way into the interior.

4. Rising moisture

If black mold is present mainly at the bottom of the walls and is slowly migrating upward, with no water pipes running in that area, this probably indicates rising damp. This is groundwater migrating up through poor foundations, a faulty water barrier, or the lack of a water barrier in the walls.

To address rising damp effectively and cost-effectively, injecting the walls is the most recommended solution.

Beware: These are not uniform causes. Other moisture problems can also be the cause of black mold. Be sure to contact a professional to get the right diagnosis AND the best solution.

How do I remove black mold?

Are there only black dots on the wall, in the kitchen or in the plumbing? That means it hasn't been there long and hasn't yet nestled deep into the wall. You can feel free to work on your own.

  • So you can scrub the wall with baking soda and water,
  • You can also attack the mold with bleach,
  • Or you buy a special fungicide at the do-it-yourself store or supermarket.

Beware: Never handle mold dry. Then there is a danger of inhaling the mold spores. Also, always wear a mouth mask and non-porous gloves during treatments to guard your own health.

What if the mold is extensive?

As mentioned earlier, black mold can be dangerous to your health as well as your home, and it's not always a good idea to tackle it yourself. Especially for the large and stubborn mold spots.

Also, removing mold yourself is not always a definitive solution. A moisture expert tackles the cause. This way, we ensure that the air in your home is clean again and your health and the health of your family members are no longer at risk from black mold.

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