All information about Monoblock Airco Systems

There are several air conditioning systems on the market that all have their specific characteristics. A monoblock air conditioning system is an installation where there is no outdoor unit. This unit can be fixed or movable.

Versions of monoblock air conditioners

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1) Fixed monoblock air conditioning

You can opt for the fixed monoblock air conditioning. This is a fixed air conditioner without outdoor unit. Such an air conditioner is available in many different types, such as a floor model, wall model or ceiling model. In a split system, an outdoor unit is hung on the building. In a monoblock air conditioner, all the parts are in the indoor unit. As a result, it makes much more noise than is the case with a split system.

However, with monoblock air conditioning you must take into account the fact that two grilles are placed on the outside of the room. These grilles are intended for the supply and exhaust of air. However, don't worry: it is not necessary to install a disfiguring outdoor unit on the outside of the house.

A fixed air conditioner has quite a few advantages over a mobile air conditioner without an outdoor unit. Think, for example, of the greater cooling capacity. A fixed air conditioner is also much more efficient, which increases the comfort in your rooms.

Mobile Airco

2) Mobile monoblock air conditioner without outdoor unit

A much cheaper solution of a monoblock air conditioner is the mobile air conditioner without outdoor unit. The big advantage of a mobile air conditioner is that it can be moved. With a mobile air conditioner you can install the air conditioner in different rooms at different times. This makes mobile air conditioning much better in terms of flexibility than fixed air conditioning, which is permanently suspended in a room.

The biggest advantage of mobile air conditioning without an outdoor unit is its flexibility and price. The price of a mobile air conditioner is only a fraction of the price of a fixed monoblock air conditioner. Moreover, with a mobile air conditioner you do not have to take installation costs into account. The commissioning of such an air conditioner can easily be done by yourself.

There are also drawbacks to the choice of a mobile air conditioner. Think for example of the location of the drain hose. The drain hose is a fairly large hose that must be brought out through an open window or door. In such a case, the warm outside air can sneak back inside. This makes a mobile air conditioner a lot less efficient than a fixed air conditioner.

All the advantages and disadvantages of an air conditioning system without an outdoor unit


- It is not necessary to place a rather cumbersome outdoor unit on the outside of the house. The split air conditioners always have an outdoor unit that needs to be installed outside the house. In such a case you need to install a rather unsightly, unwieldy unit. On the outside this often impairs the aesthetics. This is not the case with an air conditioner without an outdoor unit. Placing two grids is sufficient.

- Installing an air conditioner without an outdoor unit is a lot cheaper. The installation is quick and easy, because there is no need to connect air conditioning units to each other. An air conditioner without an outdoor unit is usually meant to cool one room. If you want to cool several rooms at the same time, you can opt for a split air conditioner. In such a case, an outdoor unit is required.

- In the case of a fixed unit, the inconvenience of an indoor unit can easily be reduced by installing it on the wall or ceiling. Fixing the air conditioner as far as possible at the top of the wall will not obstruct it. However, a mobile air conditioner often takes up a lot of space and can therefore get in the way.


– Aircosystemen zonder buitenunit kunnen soms nogal wat lawaai kan maken. Echter, de toestellen die Aqua Consult verdeelt van Innova (ook bekend als Innova Aircoheater), genereren amper lawaai. Dat komt doordat onze toestellen zichzelf reguleren in functie van de gevraagde temperatuur (in tegenstelling tot andere toestellen op de markt, die een constant debiet van lawaai hebben).

The compressor of these air conditioning systems is located in the indoor unit and therefore also in the house. This makes it possible that you will have to deal with noise nuisance. However, the noise nuisance is not as bad as ten years ago. Most modern appliances are nowadays quite noiseless.

- In the case of a mobile air conditioner, you must also take the drain pipe into account. This must be installed through an open window or door. This can cause inconveniences. Warm outside air enters the room again, which makes the air conditioning less efficient. That is why mobile air conditioning without a drain hose is more often searched for. In principle, this is not available. In that case, you usually choose an air conditioner, which is seen as a replacement for the mobile air conditioner.

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Price of monoblock air conditioning system

Overweeg je de plaatsing van een monoblock airco-installatie? Vraag dan meer vrijblijvende informatie aan over de prijs, het onderhoud, de installatie, het energieverbruik en de functies voor ’s winters en ’s zomers. De prijs is afhankelijk van de oppervlakte van de ruimte en het installatietype. Vraag daarom vrijblijvend alle mogelijkheden op aan één van onze aircospecialisten.