The main causes of moisture breakdown

Moisture is created by rainwater passing through the walls without a cavity. If there were a cavity wall, it would be impossible for rainwater to make its way horizontally to the interior. In this case, the cavity has an important function as ventilation for the permeated moisture (as an outlet for the water vapour).

Open butt joints or ventilation grilles in the facade that are clogged with dirt or counterfeit mortar can also be a cause of poor cavity ventilation. As a result, a combination of permeable moisture and condensation can still cause moisture transport to the inner walls.

Finally, a moisture bridge can also be caused by construction defects whereby connections are made between the inner cavity wall and the outer cavity wall. Possible construction defects can be: mortar residue in the wrong places or stone residue in the cavity. The presence of these kinds of invisible construction defects is detected by Aquaconsult within the framework of the noncommittal moisture diagnosis.

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